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With The Whitener Group

Current Openings

Executive Assistant

Full Time | Olympia, WA | Closing Date June 10, 2022


Position Overview

The Executive Assistant (EA) is a strategic partner who serves the growing family- and tribally owned business, The Whitener Group. The EA’s resourcefulness and decisiveness are assets to the entire team of national consultants and especially important to the TWG owners based in Olympia, WA. With a sense of humor and abandonment of niceties, the ideal EA has emotional intelligence that matches ruthless prioritization. Skillful anticipation of needs keeps the EA prepared for the speed of incoming and outgoing contracts, proposals, plans, and policies. The EA is an efficient overseer and a cherished analytical thinker. Alright, let’s start with the $$ and not bury the lead.


Salary and Benefits

  • Starting salary at $65,000 (Dependent on Qualifications)

  • 11 days of paid floating holidays

  • 14 days of PTO per year (can increase with tenure and tenacity)

  • Health care stipend

  • Retirement contributions

  • Flexible hours and hybrid options (when training and relationship are solidified)

  • Family friendly (flexibility with personal demands, like pick-ups or other needs)

  • Room for advancement at TWG


Duties and Tasks

  • Perform high level support including scheduling meetings, appointments, and travel arrangements for company owners, especially the COO, and the herd of cats, uh we mean, consultants (our calendars are very full, and this duty is like a puzzle. So, an ideal candidate must love puzzles!).

  • Develop efficient policies and procedures to support the office workflow and safety including filing systems, inventory systems, room reservations and equipment set-up. Oversee the completion of day-to-day office operations, ensuring we all have the super-duper important stuff, AKA supplies. This includes pencils, paper, every possible size of sticky notes, and of course, coffee (Fun fact: the COO used to own a coffee shop. We can confirm that if you want it, she will make you espresso every damn day, so long as there are supplies to do so).

  • Provide drafting and editing for a variety of confidential and complex letters, memos, budgets, reports, and correspondence (Editing documents is our #1 gap here at ole’ TWG.) There will be some skills demonstration required as part of the interview process, just FYI.

  • Manage travel logistics, including booking flights, especially to and from remote Alaska locations.

  • Use established contract template to create and execute contracts with clients and work directly with COO for atypical contracts.

  • Execute the successful completion of contracts as a liaison and point of contact with clients, including tribes and other organizations, which could include assisting in dissemination of surveys, coordination of site visit agendas, or entering of data.

  • Efficiently provide project management support across multi-member projects, with detail-oriented attention to contract objectives and timelines.

  • Conduct research (as in, “Hmmm, we need a new survey tool – let's see which ones might work the best!” or, “Let's learn some more about {insert client name here}!”).

  • Conduct data entry and database management (Oh, data. We love data. A pretty Excel sheet is the best thing ever. If you think so too, APPLY. PLEASE.).

  • Assist the event and training team as needed with event coordination and communication initiatives, including presence on social media platforms.

  • Support TWG Development, a TWG-operated property management company.

  • Manage multiple projects and timelines concurrently while maintaining the integrity of each contract or procedural goal.

A More Personal Position Overview

The COO is stretched as TWG grows. She’d like to see her family more, without sacrificing the growth curve of the business. So, she has decreed that an administrative-type position must be hired. The COO is a highly intelligent, dedicated, and motivated individual. She is also a non-linear thinker and a squirrelly, fierce leader. The ideal candidate can follow conversational topic changes at a rapid pace and is open to change in the name of processual growth. This position is not merely “assistance.” The Executive Assistant position is a key team member that helps the growth of TWG as an energetic, strategic partner.


About The Whitener Group

Incorporated in 2009, The Whitener Group is a team dedicated to the advancement and sustainability of Indian Tribes. TWG is owned, you guessed it, by a group of Whiteners. TWG’s core business activities are individual contracts with tribes, tribally owned businesses, tribal organizations, and nonprofits. We provide a variety of services including court development, strategic plans, economic development, and training. A large portion of TWG work over the next 5-years involves conducting tribal court assessments in Alaska. The TWG office is headquartered in Olympia, WA at the old McLane Firehall while most of our core team of consultants work remotely from Michigan to Alaska to Portland. We are a family business so; the office environment reflects all the things one might expect from three owners who are closely related. We are casual, we love to cook, and our office parking garage is literally a bay full of boats. We are water people. The team continues to grow and includes consultants working on various schedules.


How to Apply

To be effective at TWG, you need to be both organized and adaptable. If you think this job description is weird, you can probably just stop here. If you are intrigued, please submit a resume and cover letter. In the email body answer one or more of the following:

1) Tell us something about food. (prompts off the top of our heads: Do you like food? Who do you like to cook for? Where is your favorite restaurant?)

2) Tell us about the book you are currently reading or your favorite book.

3) Tell us what you do to relax or handle stress (this answer could also be about food).


Submit materials by June 10, 2022, before 2:21pm PT with a subject line that captures your personality, makes us smile, or both. You’ll hear from us by June 20 about an interview, and if you don’t hear from us, well… All questions are welcome. Reach out to our Creative Director Monica at, to submit application materials.

We can't wait to work with you!

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