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Back to Basics: A Domestic Violence Refresher


11:00 AM-12:15pm

In this session we will review the dynamics of domestic violence, barriers victims may face, the importance of confidentiality and advocacy and resources. Learning objectives will include the ability to identify power and control tactics, identify barriers to leaving a domestic violence situation, importance of confidentiality in DV cases, and identify resources in Oklahoma.

Shelley Miller, Executive Director, Native Alliance Against Violence
Shelley Miller, Executive Director, Native Alliance Against Violence

Kiowa Tribe of Oklahoma

Shelley Miller is a member of the Kiowa Tribe of Oklahoma and graduated with a BA/BS degree from the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma. Shortly after graduation Shelley started her career as a victims advocate over 20 years ago with the Apache Tribe of Oklahoma. Shelley served as both an advocate and eventually the program director providing direct services in a seven-county area. This experience left her advocating for the development of a civil legal assistance project that was eventually funded by the Office of Justice, Violence Against Women office. The civil legal assistance project demonstrated the success of advocates and attorneys working together in the tribal community. Shelley was also involved in the creation and development of the Native Alliance Against Violence back in 2009 and started serving as the organization’s Advocate Specialist in 2016. In addition to Miller’s previous job title of Advocate Specialist, she also led progress on the Native Alliance Against Violence’s Coordinated Indigenous Resource Center for Legal Empowerment Project. In this capacity she was able to provide technical assistance and training to tribal advocates and worked as the advocate liaison for the Coordinated Indigenous Resource Center for Legal Empowerment Project. This project works with existing tribal domestic violence programs to provide civil legal assistance in tribal areas without legal assistance programs. The CIRCLE Project provides survivors of domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault and stalking with comprehensive, culturally competent, and effective legal representation throughout Oklahoma. Currently, Shelley serves as the NAAV’s Executive Director. The Native Alliance Against Violence (NAAV), is Oklahoma’s tribal domestic violence/sexual assault coalition and tribal technical assistance provider.

Session Materials

ChoctawVAWA_Day1_Shelley Miller_Back to Basics_Final_web
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